Monday, October 12, 2009

More bug fixes!

Installed the new reflector code on reflector 9500 (with the blessing of the administrator). I had intended to wait until after Dave had a chance to review the code, but the upgrade was brought forward due to issues at the site. Anyway, this gave me a chance to test the reflector startup properly, and I found a few bugs which have now been fixed.

The bugs found were:

Fixed a bug in the reflector startup that prevented integrated conferences from being started. This was a stupid typo (one missing character!). Ths bug prevented the next bug from being detected earlier.

Check that channels configured to run tbd or tlb are not already running, before attempting to start them.

Modified one of the maintenance scripts to correctly count the new integrated channels, and subtract them from the total number of reflector channels, to determine whether the correct number of sfreflect copies are running.