Monday, September 28, 2009

Minor bugfixes and the new Back Bar!

Just sorted out a couple of minor bugs on the integrated conference. As it turns out, these weren't bugs in the code, but instead were due to a subtle configuration error in tbd.conf, which caused some issues with the security on some connections. Reconfiguring tbd for the offending channel resolved the issue, after quite a bit of head scratching.

The Virtual Pub now has a new "back bar" - reflector 9550 is now permanently linked to reflector 9500, so the Virtual Pub can be found at either location. For efficiency reasons, some internal links were reconfigured to suit the new layout.

Currently, there are now 4 tlb or tbd channels on the new reflector, and two of these are integrated channels. The current configuration of the reflector is:

ref9550 - Virtual Pub "back bar", running tlb, but using the packet reflector (not transcoding) and ADPCM codec. No Echolink support (but linked to an external transcoder outside of virtual pub hours).
ref9551 - Running sfreflect
ref9552 - Running sfreflect
ref9553 - Running sfreflect
ref9554 - Running sfreflect
ref9555 - Running tlb as a transcoding reflector. No Echolink support yet (need another IP address).
ref9556 - Running sfreflect
ref9557 - Running sfreflect
ref9558 - Running tbd as an integrated conference (GSM only). Echolink *VK3JED*
ref9559 - Running tbd as an integrated conference (GSM only). Echolink *AUSSIE*

ref9559 is handling fairly heavy traffic with around a dozen connections most of the time.