Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New infrastructure for VK

With WICEN Victoria showing some interest in IRLP and EchoLink, I've started a programme of creating some redundant infrastructure within Australia for the VoIP based modes. I had been running a number of EchoLink conferences for some time, and decided it was time to setup a second complete set of reflectors for IRLP and D-STAR as well. This provides redundancy, in case one of the Australian reflectors fails for some reason.

The new D-STAR reflector is REF023. Information about the new system is at .

The new IRLP reflector is coming soon. Details will be provided as soon as they are known. The IRLP reflector will also be used for developing a new set of IRLP-Echolink integration scripts, to streamline installation of such systems, and to make them compatible with the latest IRLP reflector code. The existing EchoLink conferences will be integrated into the new reflector, which will streamline the Australian/Irish "EchoCloud" network.