Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Integrated Reflector status Sep 16

Completed the EchoLink commands for controlling connected IRLP nodes and tested them. All the commands work on both EchoLink and IRLP nodes, with the scripts responding appropriately for each node type.

Commands supported are:

.ikick - disconnects the specified node

.imute - mutes the specified node and adds that node to the reflector channel's mute list.

.iunmute - unmutes the specified node and removes that node from the reflector channel's mute list.

.iban - allows nodes to be banned (blocked) and unbanned (unblocked).

.ikick, .imute and .iunmute are sysop level commands, .iban is an admin level command. This is in line with their inbuilt equivalents.

Upgraded tlb on the system to the latest beta (0.44). Waiting on the new beta of tbd to upgrade this software as well.

I also observed that the conference killer seems to be working perfectly on the new system. :D